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Getting hold of my Values / Standards & Boundaries /Priorities, Strengths & Weaknesses and Goals in order to gain true confidence.

As you all know, my aim is to gain true confidence.Thats what this jouney is about. It was always clear to me that confident people appeared to know exactly who they were and what they stood for. In comparison to those who lacked confidence, such certainty would seem very far out of their reality. The image of someone who needs to improve their confidence has many other characteristics attatched to it. For example, qualities such as indecision, a poor self image, repetetive negative thoughts, all come from not identifying their self worth, meaning they are not grounded into a strong enough self image. This is what im starting to understand about making the transition to real confidence. I have realised that people with high self-esteem do not pay any attention to what others think BECAUSE they are grounded in their own self image so perceptions from others literally dont effect them because they “Know wh they are” so to speak. This makes so much sense. if you know your vales, strengths/weaknesses and goals , why would you need anyones approval anyway?
This is why i have decided to consciously list these attributes so I literally can memorize and internalise them to feel ‘Solid’ once i have done this my aim is ‘massive action’.

The main attribute to gaining confidence is consistent and repetetive action

Why Motivation And Determination Is So Important…

Motivation is the fuel that drives us towards our goals. When we have goals that we commit to,we automatically create a gap between the person we are today and the person we want to be. In order to go through that gap, in order to go through those obstacles that stand between what we want, we are forced to ask ourselves: “How bad do i want it?”
For me, “it” is becoming a much more confident/Focused and succesful version of myself, “it” is improving my game. It is being happy, living the life that i choose (whatever that may be). I have times when i become full of inspiration and i can picture what i want. I also have other times when i dont know what i want and feel down in the dumps and confused. This is why im going to create longterm. Midterm and short term goals. i cant feel confident if i dont know nwhere im going so im true define what i want.

Im going to have alot of thoughts and ideas. This is just a way to document them

what is the REASON that you have to work hard? What is the reason that pushes you up to excercise everyday? My reason is to be this confident person that has self discipline, is proactive and acheives the things that i want…and allows me to create more success in my life

What this is about……

At the start of the year, i said that 2012 was going to be the year that i change myself into the confident, highly effective person that i wanted to become. This blog is my way of making sure i keep that promise to myself. I will use self-help books, techniques and push myself outside my comfort zone in order to create the new me. I dont know where this will end, or even if this is worth my time. But im going to try and see how i far i can take this. I guess i have this vision of me in the future, just winning in life full of confidence and success. This forces me to change any bad habits i have, anything that can intercept me from becoming this person…. and yes’ this means im going to have to get rid of my chronic procrastination, laziness bad organisation skills. But im willing to do whatever it takes

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